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These positions may be located in any of our 25 statewide offices, and may be full-time, part-time or on-call openings. After your review, if you find a position you'd like to apply for, please send an email to hr@arizonaschildren.org. Indicate the REQ# and Position Title in the subject line and attach your resume as a Word document.

  1. Clinician II Phoenix
  2. Crisis Support Specialist Sierra Vista
  3. Parent Aide Phoenix
  4. Recreation Specialist Lake Havasu City
  5. Case Manager - BSW Surprise
  6. Program Supervisor Surprise
  7. Case Manager - BSW Yuma
  8. Intensive Case Manager Yuma
  9. Intensive Case Manager Gilbert
  10. Clinician II Phoenix
  11. Program Director High Needs Case Management Phoenix
  12. Intensive Case Manager Tucson
  13. Intensive Case Manager Tucson
  14. Nurse Practitioner Yuma
  15. Behavior Management Specialist Apache Junction
  16. Program Supervisor Tucson
  17. Independent Living Specialist I Marble Canyon
  18. Intensive Case Manager Apache Junction
  19. Clinician II - Trauma Ser Tucson
  20. Youth Advocate-CSR Phoenix
  21. Clinician II Tucson
  22. Child Care Worker NDI Gilbert
  23. Resource Family Specialist Gilbert
  24. Transportation Specialist Phoenix
  25. Behavior Management Specialist Phoenix
  26. Parent Aide Gilbert
  27. Clinician II Surprise
  28. Intensive Case Manager Apache Junction
  29. Family Support Specialist Apache Junction
  30. Intensive Case Manager Casa Grande
  31. Intensive Case Manager Coolidge
  32. Family Support Specialist Coolidge
  33. Resource Parent Trainer Gilbert
  34. Parent Educator Lake Havasu City
  35. Resource Parent Trainer Phoenix
  36. Clinician II Sierra Vista
  37. Clinician II Phoenix
  38. Transportation Specialist Tucson
  39. Clinician II Apache Junction
  40. Sr. Resource Family Specialist Lake Havasu City
  41. Behavior Management Specialist Phoenix
  42. Clinician I Tucson
  43. Clinician I Tucson
  44. Family Support Partner Sierra Vista
  45. Intensive Case Manager Sierra Vista
  46. Clinician II Chandler
  47. Intensive Case Manager Phoenix
  48. Case Manager - BSW Apache Junction
  49. Skills Training Specialist Flagstaff
  50. Sr. Resource Family Specialist Lake Havasu City
  51. Independent Living Specialist I Marble Canyon
  52. Child Care Worker I Phoenix
  53. Clinician II Phoenix
  54. Behavior Management Specialist Phoenix
  55. Clinician II Phoenix
  56. Case Manager - BSW Tucson
  57. Clinician II Tucson
  58. Compliance, Performance and Quality Improvement Coordinator - Child Welfare & Prevention Phoenix
  59. Recreation Specialist Kingman
  60. Statewide Recruitment Coordinator Phoenix
  61. Case Manager - BSW Tucson
  62. Parent Educator Tucson
  63. Senior Family Support Specialist Phoenix
  64. Parent Educator Gilbert
  65. Parent Educator Gilbert
  66. Parent Educator Prescott
  67. Clinician II Coolidge
  68. Case Manager - BSW Coolidge
  69. Clinician II Coolidge
  70. Skills Training Specialistup to $13.00/hourFlagstaff
  71. Case Manager - BSW Phoenix
  72. Trainer Phoenix
  73. Case Manager - BSW Tucson
  74. Case Manager - BSW Tucson
  75. Intensive Case Manager Tucson
  76. Clinician II Tucson
  77. Resource Family Specialist Sierra Vista
  78. Psychiatrist Phoenix
  79. Behavior Management Specialist Apache Junction
  80. Behavior Management Specialist Phoenix
  81. Intensive Case Manager Surprise
  82. Intensive Case Manager Tucson
  83. Resource Parent Trainer, On-Call, Gilbert Gilbert
  84. Resource Parent Trainer, On-Call, Phoenix Phoenix
  85. Clinician III Tucson
  86. Case Manager - BSW Surprise
  87. Clinician II Apache Junction
  88. Senior Family Support Specialist Surprise
  89. Clinician II Tucson
  90. Program Director Tucson
  91. Claims Clerk Tucson
  92. Family Support Specialist, Full-time, Apache Junction Apache Junction
  93. Family Support Specialist, Full-time, Coolidge Coolidge
  94. Parent Aide Tucson
  95. Clinician II Phoenix
  96. Infant Mental Health Specialist Apache Junction
  97. Intensive Case Manager Coolidge
  98. Case Manager - BSW Chandler
  99. Intensive Case Manager Coolidge
  100. Compliance, Performance and Quality Improvement Coordinator - Child Welfare Phoenix

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Arizona's Children Association team. We look forward to working with you!

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