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These positions may be located in any of our 25 statewide offices, and may be full-time, part-time or on-call openings. After your review, if you find a position you'd like to apply for, please send an email to hr@arizonaschildren.org. Indicate the REQ# and Position Title in the subject line and attach your resume as a Word document.

  1. Clinician I, Full-time, YUMA Yuma
  2. Family Support Specialist, Full-time, Flagstaff Flagstaff
  3. Clinician II, Full-time, Gilbert Gilbert
  4. Quality Improvement Coordinator, Full-time, TUCSON Tucson
  5. Intensive Case Manager, Full-time, Tucson Tucson
  6. Sr. Resource Family Specialist, Full-time, Phoenix Phoenix
  7. Psychiatrist, Contractor, APACHE JUNCTION Apache Junction
  8. Clinician II, Full-time, Coolidge Coolidge
  9. Resource Family Specialist, Full-time, KINGMAN Kingman
  10. Parent Aide, On-Call, Tucson Tucson
  11. Clinician II, Full-time, APACHE JUNCTION Apache Junction
  12. Intensive Case Manager, Full-time, Apache Junction Apache Junction
  13. Senior Family Support Specialist, Full-time, Chandler Chandler
  14. Intensive Case Manager, Full-time, COOLIDGE Coolidge
  15. Clinician II, Full-time, COOLIDGE Coolidge
  16. Independent Living Specialist I, On-Call, PAGE Marble Canyon
  17. Independent Living Specialist II, Part-time, Prescott Prescott
  18. Clinical Supervisor, Full-time, Sierra Vista Sierra Vista
  19. Family Group Coordinator, On-Call, Tucson Tucson
  20. Crisis Advocate, Full-time, TUCSON Tucson
  21. Clinician II, Full-time, Yuma Yuma
  22. Clinician I, On-Call, YUMA Yuma
  23. Behavior Management Specialist, Full-time, Apache Junction Apache Junction
  24. Intensive Case Manager, Full-time, Apache Junction Apache Junction
  25. Family Support Specialist, Full-time, Apache Junction Apache Junction
  26. Independent Living Specialist II, Full-time, Gilbert Gilbert
  27. Intensive Case Manager, On-Call, Apache Junction/Coolidge Apache Junction
  28. Intensive Case Manager, Full-time, Apache Junction Apache Junction
  29. Skills Training Specialist, Part-time, Flagstaff Flagstaff
  30. PSAIH-Prog Support Asst InHome, On-Call, Phoenix Phoenix
  31. Volunteer, Volunteer, Various Locations Phoenix
  32. INTERN, Intern, Various Phoenix
  33. Clinician II, Full-time, Phoenix Phoenix
  34. Resource Parent Trainer, On-Call, Phoenix Phoenix
  35. Child Care Worker I, On-Call, Phoenix Phoenix
  36. Independent Living Specialist I, On-Call, Sierra Vista Sierra Vista
  37. INTERN, Intern, Surprise Surprise
  38. Transportation Specialist, On-Call, TUCSON Tucson
  39. Clinical Supervisor, Full-time, YUMA Yuma
  40. Accounts Receivable Coordinator, Full-time, Tucson Tucson
  41. Senior Behavior Management Specialist, Full-time, Phoenix Phoenix
  42. Parent Educator, Full-time, Apache Junction Apache Junction
  43. Program Coordinator, Full-time, Flagstaff Flagstaff
  44. Resource Family Specialist, Full-time, Prescott Prescott
  45. Case Manager - BSW, Full-time, Sierra Vista Sierra Vista
  46. Recreation Specialist, On-Call, Tucson Tucson
  47. Parent Educator, Part-time, Tucson Tucson
  48. Family Support Specialist, Full-time, YUMA Yuma
  49. Clinician II, Full-time, YUMA Yuma
  50. Clinician II, Full-time, Maryvale Phoenix
  51. Family Support Specialist, Full-time, Sierra Vista Sierra Vista
  52. Case Manager - BSW, Full-time, Sierra Vista Sierra Vista
  53. Case Manager - BSW, Full-time, Sierra Vista Sierra Vista
  54. Clinician II, Full-time, Tucson Tucson

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Arizona's Children Association team. We look forward to working with you!

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